Last night the award categories for the 2014 National Fenestration Awards were made live on the NFA website and they are as follows:

Social Networker 2014

Hardware Company 2014

Young Person 2014

Glass Systems Company 2014

Systems Company 2014

Composite Panelled Doors 2014

Steel Company 2014

Timber Company 2014

Aluminium Company 2014

PVC Company 2014

??? 2014

??? 2014

??? 2014

The list is compiled of the same categories as in 2013, including the steel award. We were disappointed that we couldn’t take the steel award to the final voting phase, but we hope that a bigger awards this year will attract more interest from the steel section of our industry.

You will have also noticed that there are question marks over the last 3 awards. We would like your feedback and tell us what awards you think we should be including for this year. We have our own ideas, but these are the industry’s awards and if they tell us we’re missing something out, we want to know about it! We’ll be announcing these three new categories soon so stay in touch with the NFA website or follow @NatFenAwards on Twitter to find out what they are.

In all, there will be 13 award categories, as well as the monthly Cool Wall competition which will run alongside the main event. We will be releasing a new category to participate in like we did last year, so to avoid an overload of information and not take up too much of your valuable time! Nominating will remain live up until later on in 2014 where we shall close the first phase.

Updates to the NFA site are ongoing, but the site will be live and fully functional ready for when we open the nominating for this year. Also, we’re planning something of a finale for this year’s event so watch this space ;-)

The response last year to the awards was fantastic and we’re hoping to build on that this year. We hope you will all continue to take part in something that is unique to this industry and make it one of the showpiece events for the industry.

You can view the award categories on the NFA site here: