I am a massive advocate of the advantages of Twitter. I’m on it all the time and have probably spent too much time on it to be honest! In that time I have sent over 53,000 tweets, most of which are to other glazing industry accounts. I have also made a few mistakes in my time on Twitter. I have tweeted things I shouldn’t have, sworn a bit too much in the early days and not always understood the target audience I was tweeting to. I think I’m much better at it now, but I still see a lot of mistakes from a lot of accounts.

Twitter has become an excellent B2B platform, far better than Facebook. Yet I still see a lot of installers tweeting heavily about their business and the services they offer. This is fine and I guess by doing that they are covering all bases, just in case a potential customer sees it. But most of the industry community is just that, the industry. There are very few potential clients out there. Most are manufacturers or installers, so promotional heavy tweets to other industry companies are pretty much wasted. That sort of content would be better placed on Facebook where there is little industry involvement but more consumer participation.

A good example of this would be the company that posted an image of a door sold and fitted for £380. You can see a post I wrote about this by clicking here. That tweeted prompted quite a harsh response from both myself and a few others. The reason being many thought the price for the door was way under, to the point where it was damaging the credibility of the industry. There is nothing wrong with posting images of your work on Twitter, but posting it to somewhere like that leaves you open to criticism and commentary. Hence why that sort of information is better placed somewhere else. Otherwise, be prepared to defend yourself!

The point is simple, if you’re going to use Twitter, know your audience. If Twitter is full of industry manufacturers and other installers, save your promotion for somewhere else. But if you are a supplier, then make sure you take full advantage of the sizable and growing installer population on the social media platform.