This is probably going to be hard to believe for some, but for the first time tonight, I have sold my very first Chartwell Green door! In fact it’s the first Chartwell Green anything I’ve sold so far!

I signed up a nice young couple for 3 windows and a composite door and top light. They said that they wanted a door that looked traditional and they were the ones who told me Chartwell Green was the colour they wanted, I didn’t have to sell it to them. They loved the colour. Yet prior to this we simply could not shift Chartwell Green no matter how hard or subtle we tried and I think it is a definite North/South characteristic.

Whenever I speak to suppliers like John Fredericks, they tell me that they do a lot of Chartwell Green…down south. Up North it is very rare, and I can vouch for that. I think it’s lack of popularity up here can be down to a few things. One reason could be lack of suitable housing. Some may disagree, but when you look at the abundant number of cottages, bigger detached homes and mansions in the southern half of the country, they are the types of properties that suit heritage colours such as Chartwell Green. Further up north and the housing changes to something more uniform and compact, usually in red brick – not the ideal scenario for heritage colours. That’s not to say there aren’t some old fashioned homes which would suit it up here, because there are, just not that many.

We do let people know that we absolutely do Chartwell Green, yet those offers fall on deaf ears. However with this first one sold and under the belt, we hope that some good installation images will help demonstrate that Chartwell Green is a good colour to choose for their home.

Has Chartwell Green been a good seller for you, or have you found that demand hasn’t been as strong as others make out. All comments welcome in the section below.