Staying on the theme of triple glazing, a full on debate threatened to break out between myself and the new popular account @SwearingGlazing. My argument is that triple glazing really is as quiet as probably most of us think. I’m not seeing much activity on the retail side, nor am I getting any requests for triple glazing from my own customers, despite a national TV campaign by Everest advertising triple glazing. His argument was that because I only deal in retail and cannot possibly know about any other facet of the industry, that I am missing a trick and that triple glazing might well be alive and kicking in other parts of the industry.

So, to help settle an argument for us, and to try and shed some light on the state of the triple glazing market right now, I need a bit of feedback. I’m calling on all installers, residential and commercial, architects, contractors, quantity surveyors and anyone else from any other part of fenestration to let me know their thought. Specifically, we want to know how much triple glazing you’re doing at the moment. How much demand you’re seeing for it at your end. Whether it is rising or not. Give me as much as you can. If you all tell me (honestly) it’s booming then I will stand corrected.

All your comments are welcome in the section below. Thanks!