Over 20 Years In Business

Longevity is a characteristic that is often quite hard to find in our industry. We all know of the companies that start business, then close their doors all too quickly, tarnishing the reputation of the wider industry further. However, for Kolorseal, over a decade in business in our very competitive industry is quite an achievement. Especially when you consider that their business services a small but growing niche.

Ask anyone at Kolorseal, including Director Debbie Hendry, and they will tell you that it is their dedication to customer service that has been one of the key factors to the success and the longevity of the business.

Even on their website, one of the main USPs is: We exist to provide all our clients with an unrivalled and repeatable, high quality service. We aim to be a vital and trusted supplier to your business.

Customer Service Key

The art of customer service is something that I have often written about before on DGB. You can have the best product in the world, but it means absolutely nothing if the business itself does not do it’s very best to try and accommodate the potential or existing customers as much as possible.

For example, Kolorseal offer a service where they will pick up your window and door frames for you, spray them, then deliver them right back to you. If you’re fairly close by or a regular client, this service is free. What this does is frees up your time by not using your time, money and a driver taking the windows and doors to be sprayed yourself. Not many others out there offer this service. And it is customer service features like this which set a company like Kolorseal apart from others in their field.

When I initially went to see Kolorseal myself, throughout their offices you could tell there was a “theme” of customer service running at the core of the business. There were even motivational plaques dotted about the building which gave constant reminders to the staff that service to their customers was paramount.

As the demand for coloured products grow, Kolorseal are best placed to make the very most of this up-coming boom thanks to their keen focus on customer service. If you are going to make strides into the custom coloured windows and doors market, you want to make sure you deal with a company that tries to do the very most for you. Kolorseal might be the business you are looking for.

Interested in getting into the colour market? On the lookout for a new spraying company with a wide range of colour finishes and ancillary products? Contact Kolorseal for more information:

Tel: 01924 454856

Web: www.kolorseal.co.uk

Email: sales@kolorseal.co.uk

Twitter: @kolorseal

Address: Dale Works, Brewery Lane, Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury, WF12 9HU