As you may have seen recently, Window Ware had recently undertaken what turned out to be quite a detailed customer survey in April. Turns out they surveyed 3000 companies! So not a small poll by any means. One nifty little section of that survey looked at industry websites and asked “what industry related sites do you visit most often?” The results gave me a bit of a surprise:

Customer Survey April 2014

You can see that according to this survey, a quarter of the 3000 companies surveyed said that this very site was the one they visited the most from the industry. Although I knew traffic to DGB has always been increasing, to see that it is the second most visited site in the whole industry was frankly quite humbling. If you look at the rest of this pretty nifty infographic then the overall results for Window Ware as a business are pretty damn good too!

As many of you will know, I am very passionate about this site, the content I put on it and spend a lot of my free time tweaking, changing and updating the site to make it the very best it can be. Personally I see these results as a bit of hard work paying dividends. I’d also like to thank Window Ware for undertaking such a poll. Approaching 3000 companies and getting enough results out of them to create an accurate infographic like you see here is no easy task. Also, well done to The Glazine, Door-Stop, MyTradeTV and The Bullseye for all making into the top 5 list. All excellent results which should be celebrated.

I think a few might be surprised to see a few big websites out there not making the list. But considering the number of companies contacted, I am happy that these results are accurate. What it also demonstrates is the need for websites to be constantly worked on. Anyone who works in marketing, IT or has simply built their own website will know that this sort of work is never done. Everything can always be improved. Designs can always be tweaked. Content can always be improved and expanded. Social networking can always be more engaging. All businesses should look at polls like this to see where they need to improve to make into things like top 5 most visited sites etc.

Boost For Brands

You can’t blame me, but I’m going to mention sponsors here! What these polls also confirm is that DGB’s sponsors are currently promoting their brand on the second most visited industry site. This means a high level of exposure for their news, announcements and new products. And this will only increase in the future. I do have a few slots left for companies in the glass sector, timber, ali and steel sectors too. If you are interested in promoting your brand on the industry’s second most visited website, please email me at

Right, blatant self promotion over!

Power Of The Web

Take a look at those 5 industry websites. 4 out of 5 of them are news/opinion sites. Places people go to find out about the latest goings on in the industry. If this is not a clear demonstration of the influence of the internet on news media then I don’t know what is. If you’re still ignoring the online world, or not putting as much effort into it as you could be, then this could be seriously damaging your business.

As for DGB? Well, according to these results I’m on 25% of readership. I am going to work hard to increase that as much as I can and hopefully close that gap on The Glazine! I already have plans to expand this site further and capture more traffic. You should be seeing those plans on July 1st.

Thanks again to Window Ware for publishing these results. Perhaps this could become something of a regular feature? Maybe every 3-6 months? You can visit them at their website: