Despite Modus trying to be kept as secret as possible, it seems a few were too excited to keep it under wraps. As we are all probably aware now, Eurocell has now launched their new brilliant new fully integrated Modus range of PVC windows and doors. Before I get on to the benefits, here is the press release they issued:

Eurocell has announced Modus®, the UK’s first fully integrated window and door system, available with three stunning sash design options.

The contemporary style of Modus® is distinctly different to existing chamfered and ovolo profile systems that make up the UK market, most of which were designed over 10 years ago.

A £3m investment by Eurocell has created a  new aesthetic which offers a higher specification window and still delivers significant cost savings for fabricators.

The UK’s first 75mm six/seven-chamber profile delivers optimum energy efficiency. And 28mm and 44mm bead options enable a wider choice of both double and triple glazing specifications to be used. The result is a U-value of 0.7 from a standard argon gas-filled triple glazed unit, without the need for expensive, esoteric-specification glazing units, and a 1.1 U-value achievable from double-glazed units. Enabling lower-specification glazing units for equivalent performance means fabricators can reduce their glazing costs by up to 27 per cent*.

Modus® is a fully integrated system, which means it enables eight window and door types to be made from a single system – again helping fabricators achieve significant cost savings in terms of stockholding and production efficiencies.

The standard rebate sash, slim rebate and fully flush sash styles offer Eurocell customers  an unrivalled aesthetic and range of design options compared to traditional PVC-U systems.

This will create new market opportunities as an aesthetic rival to aluminium and timber products – whilst offering significantly better value for money. Plus, the Modus® standard rebate sash creates a contemporary alternative to existing chamfered and ovolo designs.

“As well as achieving no fewer than five UK industry firsts, Modus® offers a clean, contemporary design that’s favoured by discerning homeowners and specifiers,” said Ian Kernaghan, Product Design Manager at Eurocell. “Modus® accommodates both cutting edge and traditional architectural styles – there’s really no need to offer any other material or system!”

The system is available in nine solid and woodgrain effect colours from stock. All standard colours are available with white internal finishes to create a light and airy living environment. A further range of 30 solid and woodgrain effect finishes is available, plus colour both sides.

For a differentiated, premium look Eurocell offers the Architectural range. Consisting of three specially selected metallic options and a premier woodgrain finish, the architectural range adds an affordable touch of class to any development.

Sustainability is one of the biggest issues in modern construction. Modus® has advanced PVC-U credentials by being the first system in the UK to utilise cutting edge dual material extrusion technology (DMET) which layers post-consumer recycled and ‘virgin’ material simultaneously with high precision. Recycled material is concentrated in the central core of the profiles, where it is completely invisible in an installed window or door. This enables Modus® to feature 50%* post-consumer recycled PVC-U as standard, with 100% available as an option.

Modus® is the first major PVC-U window and door system to offer the reassurance of a 12-year guarantee**, which underlines Eurocell’s confidence in its technical and material performance.     

Benefiting from a comprehensive marketing support programme and dedicated website,, around £5m worth of live project enquiries have already been generated, which gives an indication of the positive reception Modus® has received. Becoming a finalist in this year’s Housebuilder Product Awards in the Best Brand New Product of the Year category (decision 2 July) is further evidence.

Modus By John Fredericks

As you can see, Eurocell have put a lot of money, time and effort into bringing a product like this to market. The fact that it’s a fully integrated system, half of it made from post consumer PVC, a 75mm profile capable of 44mm triple glazing, with a range of brand new colours and wood grain options, makes this product truly unique. And if you’re a customer of John Fredericks, this means good news!

John Fredericks, a 43 year old Eurocell fabricator based in Hudderfield, are one of just a few around the UK to be the first to start fabricating this innovative and potentially game changing new product.

The Modus product, and the idea behind it fits well with the style of company John Fredericks is. Never one to stand still. Always looking to find the next new innovative product and help bring it to market before anyone else. John Fredericks aims to break ground by fabricating the Modus product. This should bring a competitive advantage to all John Fredericks installers who are looking for one extra USP that their competition doesn’t have. To put this into perspective, John Fredericks are one of less than 20 fabricators in the whole of the UK to be working with Eurocell on manufacturing the Modus 75 system. This means the product will be niche, valuable and a strong quality brand. All characteristics which go hand in hand with both Eurocell and John Fredericks.

I have seen this product for myself at a launch day a couple of months ago. This is a genuinely good product. It is arriving just in time as the timber alternative market starts to take off and homeowners are looking for PVC alternatives better looking and more like timber. The Modus product fits in that bracket very well. There a few new wood grain options available which will look absolutely stunning on the right property and the fully integrated system will mean that customers won’t have to choose doors different to their windows or vice versa.

The Modus is set to change the PVC market and for the better. Whatever you need from your manufacturer, John Fredericks is there to help. If you’re in the market for a new fabricator or have been impressed with John Fredericks and want to know more about the Modus product, call 01422 314100, email sales or catch them on Twitter:@jfplastics or @NewbuildsNo1