It’s always nice to be able to post an opposing view as a guest post on DGB. It keeps the debate going. So, in response to my post about the bi-fold market being at risk of saturation, the following is the rebuttal from the Bifold Network…

In May, the Double Glazing Blogger wrote a post about the aluminium bifold market’s “saturation” point. In it, he expressed concerns about the increase in fabricators and installers jumping on the bifold bandwagon. But while some installers might add a product to their range regardless of its future appeal, fabricators are less likely to start manufacturing a product with no future – especially with the cost of investing in machinery and premises. If more fabricators are turning to bifolds, it’s because they know they’re here to stay.

The aluminium bifold market has lots of potential. It’s an established home improvement product that has stacks of appeal and is incredibly versatile compared to traditional patio door options. It’s already an advanced product that has the potential to evolve with future technological developments, rather than becoming obsolete.

Bi-Fold Doors Are Now More Popular Than Ever

Bifold doors’ popularity shows no signs of wavering among homeowners. Rather than slowing down, the market is diversifying to target different homeowners’ preferences and budgets better. Some consumers will be driven by price rather than quality, but there is also a fast growing sector of homeowners that are serious about making investments that add value to their homes.

Homeowners are increasingly seeking quality products and services, and they do their research. They go to home building, renovation and trade shows, read trade news sites, and contact industry experts such as DGB. Many now even have a profile system or fabricator in mind before seeking out an installer. In the homeowner’s eyes, a product range can also reflect the quality of the installation service (sad, but true), so picking the right product is essential.

How To Future-proof Your Bi-Fold Business

There will always be a competitor around to undercut you on price. But by offering the best quality product on the market (as well as a fantastic installation service, of course), you will be able to sell more to high end and mid-range consumers.

Quality depends entirely on the extrusion and fabrication processes. Choose a product manufactured with precision and the latest machinery, as well as an experienced fabricator. Bifold manufacturers new to the fold (pun!) just won’t have the same level of knowledge or expertise in creating quality bifolds.

Also, marketing and installation support from a bifold supplier give installers the tools they need to do a stellar job. The better the end result, the more positive reviews, referrals and testimonials you’ll get to win over future prospects.

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