Remember around this time last year I carried out my own national average prices survey? It was my attempt to try and gauge what the industry was charging on average for it’s products. Well, given that it went down quite well last time, I’m going to give it another go next week.

Extra Questions

Last year I asked 8 questions, and you can see those, as well as the results to last year’s survey right here:

But is there anything that you think I should be including on my new survey? This is a wide and varied market now, should I be dropping a couple of last year’s questions in place of covering some more recent products? Should I be keeping what I asked last year and add more to the mix? I am after your feedback before I launch the survey next week.

I am conscious not to make it too long as I know these things can take a bit of time, so I don’t really want to take it past ten question, although I do want the survey to be as high a quality as possible.


Well, a couple of reasons really. Firstly to satisfy the curiosity of myself and plenty of others. I know a lot of you like the odd stat attack once in a while and our industry has always been obsessed with how much we all sell our wares. So by carrying out a survey like this, well it bridges those two subjects quite well.

But doing something like this might play a bigger role on DGB in the future. I am in the construction stages of a consumer section on here (which I am running a bit behind on) but I believe that a moderately, if not totally accurate and up to date resource which informs people of what the average prices of our products are might be helpful. The buying process for homeowners can be less that hassle free, so anything to help guide them through that process I would like to do.

Going Regional?

Here’s an idea, and let me know what you think. Should I be going regional with this? One of the feedback comments last year was that I should expand this to regions rather than have it on a UK-wide basis.

It was welcome feedback and something I am still pondering. But doing it region by region would make the results far more accurate I believe. I guess I would have to systematically target each region in a set time frame, perhaps two weeks per region. It would create a lot more data that way, therefore making the results more accurate.

Is this something I should be doing, or should I keep it a UK-wide survey? All feedback welcome in the section below.

Just like last time, it would be great for you all to get behind it. Take a couple of minutes out of your busy days to help me create something useful, and encourage others to do it too. I’ll be judging feedback over the next few days which will help me decide how to run the survey this time round.