Colour has exploded in a big way in our industry in such a short space of time. Only three or four years ago the idea of purple doors and a house full of Chartwell green windows being popular seemed rather far fetched. But thanks to the imagination of the homeowner, and the improvements in choice and technology from the industry’s manufacturers, pretty much anything and everything is now possible when it comes to colour.

However, if a customer is in the market for a new set of windows and doors for their home and they are wanting to explore the colour options, and they aren’t exactly sure of what they want, it can be a bit of a nightmare. This is where the interactive colour chart from Kolorseal comes in handy:

Window colour chart

The in-built colour selector on the Kolorseal website shows a rather lovely looking house, with the ability to then change the colour of the windows and doors between all of the colours in the RAL colour range, as well as other colour ranges too. This is an ideal starting point if you’re sat with the customer either in the showroom or at their home. If they’re not quite sure about what they want, this tool is ideal to help them narrow down their choices.

Colour Chart

The colour selector also allows you to take a much closer look at an example of a profile of window in that particular colour. So, if the customer still isn’t quite sure of the colour they have just chosen, you can give them a close up to see if that will help them decide.

Spraying chart

This brilliant in-built feature also gives you a up close look at the colouring process itself, with a view as to how the frames are actually sprayed, again in the colour of choice with the client.

Something like this from Kolorseal is a fantastic way to help guide a potential customer down the tricky road of choosing a funky new colour for their windows and doors. Although colour is becoming a popular feature with homeowners right now, it can be a tricky minefield to negotiate. This is where a brilliantly simple but effective feature like this can help you guide the client and win the business overall.

Think colours are a passing phase? You’re very wrong. Think they’re here to stay and become massive? You’re right. If you’re wanting to tap into this profitable new and powerful market, you’re going to need a quality business to do so, that’s where Kolorseal can help with that.

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