Well we’ve come to the end of yet another month in this barnstormer of a year. We’re now in the ninth month out of twelve and believe it or not, we’re now all starting to think about the colder end of the year, as well as Christmas! So as the weather turned a bit British and the kids stole the attentions of their parents, was August going to a quieter month?

Sales Up On July

Whilst July saw a slow down for us compared to previous months, August saw us pick up the pace once again. Although July as a standalone month July was good, it was less impressive when you consider we had outperformed in every other month. So I guess July was a reverting back to the average. But August was more brisk for business.

As the school holidays started to draw to a close and the parents came back from holiday tanned and stressed. Attentions started to turn back to life at home and more on to the tasks that needed doing before the weather became too cold to tolerate the cold. Sales overall for us was up on July. At the moment we’re still trading about 8 weeks in front of where we were scheduled to be at this time of year. That means two things. Firstly, we can handle a couple of weeks of slow business should that happen – though we doubt that it in the cards. Secondly, we’re due to smash our target potentially at the end of this month, or more likely the middle of October. Either way, 2014 is set to be a great year.

Ice Buckets Galore

As we neared the end of the month, the window industry wasn’t immune from the very entertaining ice bucket challenge. Originating from the US as a way to help raise money and awareness for ALS, a form of multiple sclerosis, our industry took to their cameras and phones and filmed themselves getting very wet a very cold – including myself.

You can see a variety of them here in a previous post I wrote a few days ago: https://www.doubleglazingblogger.com/2014/08/my-ice-bucket-challenge/

One of the latest to undergo the soaking is DGB sponsor Value Doors UK. This was Adam’s attempt, braving the British weather in shorts only:

Anglian Up For Possible Sale?

In August we also saw a report from online site www.thisismoney.co.uk that Anglian had appointed a private equity expert to their board, prompting speculation on the website that the company could be put up for sale sooner rather than later. You can see the post I wrote about it here: https://www.doubleglazingblogger.com/2014/08/anglian-appoints-private-equity-specialist-to-board-anglian-up-for-sale/

Personally I believe that if a sale was to happen, it would be a good thing for the business and a good sign of the health of the wider industry.

News can be a bit slow in August, and this was definitely the case this month. It’s now September though. The NFAs nomination phase comes to an end this month, as does the G Awards. Sales look set to ramp back up before they tail off to the back end of the year. September is going to be a busy month.