Well, I had been nominated a couple of times so far. Yes, it was my turn for the Ice Bucket Challenge after I had been nominated by Twitter fave @PetitaWiles and my friend Lauren (@Tainted_Dreamz). So, it was time to pluck the bravery up, and decide who I was going to name to take it on next. I had a few ;-)

It was cold! As you could probably tell! There was 2kg of ice in there! All for a good cause though and the last time I checked I think the American effort had raised over $94m which is fantastic.

Anyway, the bug has spread within the industry. So I’ve decided to put together some of the best ones our industry folks have done over the past few days. Have fun watching!

MyTradeTV – Lee Clarke and Dean

Still think Dean’s is one of the best. And yes those references to Dean in my own video are about this Dean!

Petita Wiles – MACO

Nigel Grant – Nigel Grant Upvc

Personally, I think Nige cheated being in Spain and with the weather being far warmer than it was here ;-)

Roy Frost – Deceuninck

Ian – @BlindsInGlass

Dean – @bigwindowfitter

There have been many more, and I suspect there will be many more before this craze dies down. The important thing to remember here is that in drowning ourselves in ridiculously cold water, we’re helping to raise money for an excellent range of charities and helping to raise more awareness at the same time. The sheer number of us going on video and doing this is a perfect demonstration as to the generosity and humour of our industry.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of you do this! All comments welcome in the section below.