Now this one may come as a surprise to some of you. As you know, I take sponsors on DGB on a regular basis. I try and have one per sector in the industry. For example, John Fredericks occupy the PVC fabricator section, Value Doors UK occupy the door sector and Kolorseal occupy the colours and spraying sector. However there remains a few areas which have yet to be filled, one of which was an installations position. This is where Everest come in.

Some of you may be querying why Everest have chosen to advertise on DGB, or in fact why I have decided to work with Everest given previous subject matters about Everest on DGB over the years. Well it wasn’t a quick decision to make. In fact they have contacted me a number of times in the past to see if we could work together.

The reason I have decided to work with Everest now should become apparent when tonight’s post goes live at 11pm. The company is undergoing changes at all levels, including their sales process. From what I have read and been told already, the days of their old style of selling are numbered, with the business wanting to change the way their business is run. It is this change of approach that has helped me to decide to work with Everest.

The other thing I have to consider is that this is a chance to work with the second biggest in our industry. This could be a good opportunity for DGB to grow and extend it’s reach to other parts of the industry. How many times can I afford to turn down an opportunity like this?

For the record, content from myself will remain the same. I’ll continue to write in my own style, publish all comments, positive or negative. Everest’s sponsorship won’t impact DGB and it’s style.

I know some of you may be dubious about this, but given what I have read and been told, I believe this is a good time to start working with Everest. I like to think I am open minded, and open to new opportunities. So lets see how this one goes! Everest’s first post is going live at 11pm tonight.