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The importance of windows and doors in the home

Sometimes it takes something such as an accident or a break-in to realise how we could have prevented it by paying more attention to these simple details, and so today we pose the question: How important are windows and doors? At Everest, we believe they are absolutely crucial to maintaining a happy home for the [...]

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Choosing the right front door for a standout entrance

First impressions can be incredibly hard to shake off, and with the front entrance door usually being the very first thing people see, the importance of choosing the right front door is not to be underestimated. Over the years Everest have consciously improved the options customers have when selecting a door. That’s great in one [...]

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Will triple glazing take over from double glazing?

Everest frequently makes educated guesses, attempting to predict what home owners will want and need. The modern shopper might initially see triple glazed windows as a gimmick; an unnecessary luxury that would only be a touch more effective than the existing double glazed units. Sometimes you could argue that this dismissive attitude is justified, as [...]

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Getting to know Mr Everest – An interview with Billy Grant

As Billy Grant takes a seat at Everest’s head office in Cuffley, he nestles into the chair in the same satisfactory way many of us sink into the sofa at home. Perhaps his level of comfort isn’t overly surprising given the fact he was born on the exact same day Everest was incorporated. When did [...]

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Everest’s new product range: their warmest windows, new frames and more

The main challenge for a large company is figuring out how best to progress. Ways to evolve become a lot less obvious without others to pave the way, but Everest feel a responsibility to continually bring customers industry-leading products. When creating something new, there is always an element of risk as being innovative, by its [...]

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Knowledge is key when it comes to a new conservatory

Are you being told everything? A new conservatory or a glazed extension is a big addition to add to any home. There is a lot of work to undertake, all of it permanent to the house. So getting it right from the very beginning is key to making sure a positive end result is had [...]

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The cost of indecision: Some Brits spend £300 a month on energy bills

Everest research shows that many British households are spending up to £300 per month on energy bills. That’s an awful lot of hard earned cash slipping through people’s fingers, or to be more accurate, drifting out through their windows. Heat generated inside your homes often leaves through windows due to the outdated or insufficient technology [...]

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Here’s To The Next 50 Years Of Innovation

Within the past 12-months, Everest has implemented changes within the company that has seen many positive changes. Gradually, the wholesale changes made at board level are filtering through the halls at Head Office and the staff are collectively ensuring their new brand messages are reaching the customers via social media channels, television ads and last, [...]

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Triple Glazing: Modern necessity or marketing fad?

From the moment it was announced, opinions regarding the launch of Everest triple glazing was divided. Enthusiasts pointed to our Scandinavian counterparts who have installed such windows as standard for a number of years and said “It’s about time!” whereas sceptics asked the perfectly legitimate question “Do we need it?” Everest’s answer to this has [...]

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Everest Windows Improving their Infrastructure for the Future

As Everest approaches its 50th year at the forefront of the home improvement industry, the company is not interested in celebrating nostalgic victories from their past. Instead, they are rather keen on scaling new heights and indeed looked no further than their own doorstep when highlighting a solution to improve their customers’ experiences in the [...]

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