Sometimes it takes something such as an accident or a break-in to realise how we could have prevented it by paying more attention to these simple details, and so today we pose the question: How important are windows and doors?

At Everest, we believe they are absolutely crucial to maintaining a happy home for the following reasons:


People taking pride in the appearance of their home goes back as long as we can remember. In many ways, our home becomes an extension of who we are. Windows and, in particular, your entrance door, are the first thing family and friends see when they pay you a visit and that first impression is incredibly hard to shift.

We like people to know we’re happy; that we’re okay. Building a solid home is integral to such stability and happiness and the appearance of our home is an outward sign that we are thriving.

Not only that, it’s important to us as the people who wake up, eat, relax and spend several hours of every day in our home before turning in for a good night’s rest. Each and every experience within our home is elevated if it looks great, and so the aesthetics of our home are incredibly important.


This might sound a little silly, but we walk in and out of our homes an extraordinary number of times, so having good quality doors that won’t warp in the heat or rust in the rain is vital because if our doors were to start sticking every time you went through it, it would become a real nuisance and could be expensive to fix.

Likewise with our windows. If we need to let hot air out of our kitchen, get the steam out of our bathroom or pass a message out to somebody in the garden we don’t want to be tasked with having to carefully manoeuvre the window or hit it in just the right place so that it opens.

As creatures of comfort, we want these simple things to be easy, not to mention the implications of what might happen if we need to open a stiff door in an emergence, which brings us onto–

Safety and security

Windows and doors that shake or rattle in the frames can be easily jemmied and so lack security. It’s important that if a potential intruder gets close enough to test your home, they learn very quickly what type of security they’re up against.

The benefits of having windows and doors that are made-to-measure are vast. Don’t be the homeowner who gets injured due to a faulty latch or gets burgled because you kept putting off an upgrade you knew you’d have to make eventually.

Instead, think of the extra comfort you’d achieve by ensuring your windows and doors make your home safe for you and your family, and enjoy what it feels like to have complete peace of mind.


As above, made-to-measure windows and doors stop drafts completely. On top of that, the technology involved in modern windows and doors is created to keep cold air out and keep warm air in.

It doesn’t do this blindly though, as modern designers became aware that different homes have different needs, and also that in certain circumstances, overheating could become a problem.

To counter overheating there have been many features added to windows such as security ventilation brackets, allowing you to let air in whilst also securing the window from intruders. Likewise, there are now many types of glazing that can be added to glass, dictating whether it blocks heat or allows it to pass through for solar gain depending on what side of the house it sits.

If your home is energy efficient then it means you’ll save money on bills because you won’t be wasting energy by creating an excess that you don’t need, and that is vitally important with rising energy bills.

Maintaining property value

It’s a peculiar practice when homeowners upgrade their property for the specific purpose of making a profit when they sell. Many modern products now come with long lasting guarantees that can even be carried over should you move. With this in mind, why not upgrade your property with enough time to enjoy it before you move?

The quality of windows and doors are very prominent when evaluating what a house is worth, and so the smart move is to keep the value high by modernising your home.