First impressions can be incredibly hard to shake off, and with the front entrance door usually being the very first thing people see, the importance of choosing the right front door is not to be underestimated.

Over the years Everest have consciously improved the options customers have when selecting a door. That’s great in one sense, but what we don’t want is for customers to feel overwhelmed by the choice available to them.

There is no right or wrong when choosing an entrance door as every homeowner’s needs are different and personal taste will always be subjective, but allow us to discuss the top 5 things we believe help make a great door.

Don’t compromise on quality

uPVC is by far and away the most popular material of modern times, largely due to its affordability and the fact it is virtually maintenance free. However, for homeowners whose priority is to select the right door, your decision should be based more on the age of your property. For period homes then timber options would be more in-keeping visually. For contemporary homes, aluminium doors offer a wider variety of “trendy” designs that also boast extra strength. If you want the best of both worlds though, GRP doors combine the elegant look of timber with the extra strength of a composite material, so it offers a greater range of benefits to your home.

Lighten up

There are both aesthetic and logistical reasons to install lights around the main entrance door. A subtle light shining on the house name or number can add a real touch of sophistication and also help guests and delivery men/women find your home. Alternatively, you can opt for a sensory light that clicks on every time somebody approaches the door. This can be useful if the walkway to your home gets dark at night and also detracts potential intruders from getting too close.

Align your windows and porches

Investing in an incredible front door is a great step to creating the perfect home. However, if it is surrounded by outdated windows and a porch that doesn’t match the colour or material, your home will look a little bizarre. Modern technology in Everest doors offers improved sound, security and energy efficiency benefits, but so do windows and porches. When making such home improvements it’s important to think of the house, or certainly the entrance, as a whole.

The pathway to a beautiful entrance

A common mistake homeowners make is they plant grand trees and flowers and insert ornate statues to add a sense of glamour to the home. Whereas such effort needs to be applauded, this only really works on large properties and on smaller homes, these details actually take attention away from the home itself. If, instead, you create more subtle driveways and pathways, the design and colour choices you’ve made on your door, windows and/or porches will suddenly appear more significant.

Plan for storage

Homeowners who are inspired from TV makeovers and showrooms often think about how their home will look once certain changes are made, but more often than not they overlook how certain spaces will function during everyday life. Does your household include cyclists? Do you have a family dog? Do you need a boot room to keep muddy shoes and wellies outdoors? Do you need storage for a scooter or a pram? Think about what you actually need and factor this into your plans, because otherwise your great new door will be overshadowed by the various items lying on the floor and leaning on the wall outside of it. Instead, consider a modern porch to support your new entrance door and keep your home looking tidy.

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