Everest frequently makes educated guesses, attempting to predict what home owners will want and need.

The modern shopper might initially see triple glazed windows as a gimmick; an unnecessary luxury that would only be a touch more effective than the existing double glazed units.

Sometimes you could argue that this dismissive attitude is justified, as not all triple glazing windows perform as well as double glazing.

However, Everest studied consumer habits and attended meetings with companies such as International Passive House (iPHA) and Eco Design Consultants.

Through the findings, there was enough evidence to suggest that home owners would continue to adopt a more environmentally friendly attitude when planning their home improvements.

Everest always tries to recycle their customers’ products when they replace them – and green living is integral to the future of product design.

A window can run down the entire side of a house, making a striking feature wall. It can be small and unique, adding character to a seemingly dead space. The frame of a window can be old or new, with colours that range from the bold to the understated.

Also, when we think of functionality, it’s all too easy to believe that airtight windows will help save money due to preventing wasted energy, but what if that makes the home too warm? What if your wonderful home is suddenly uncomfortable because it becomes too stuffy?

There’s an intelligence to windows that helps keep your home at its best, and this is something often overlooked by critics and consumers.

Double glazing improved the comfort levels of homes all over the UK.

It revolutionised houses where ice forming on the inside of windows had become commonplace. It was an essential step towards enjoying our homes in the right way, but looking to the future, benefits of triple glazing are becoming clearer.

As the cornerstone of any family starts at home, building and maintaining the most comfortable environment is of significant importance.

So how does a window help with all of this?

Well, the idea is to install windows that ensure heat losses are replaced by heat gains and that this, combined with solar gains, creates enough thermal efficiency to exist without the need for manufactured energy.

This is the challenge when creating triple glazing technology. Everest listened to experts, researched what was happening in the world and what expertise was needed to design innovative technology.

What resulted was an Everest window that achieved a WER Rating of A+21.

When a window is designed correctly, the extra window pane in triple glazing not only offers an extra layer of Argon gas to fight off cold air but it also increases security via toughened glass and the addition of an internal glazing bead.

Plus, the additional window pane combines with the glazing on the other two panes, whatever they may be, to ensure a heat balance is maintained within the home.

If you are a home owner who opts for double glazing, you won’t be disappointed with their quality.

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