DGB residents Kolorseal are celebrating turning ten years old! Breaking the magical ten year mark is always a special achievement, especially when working in this industry where longevity is often hard to come by. Still, Kolorseal have managed to reach a mileston in what has probably been one of the toughest periods of time our industry has ever faced. So what is it that has got Kolorseal to where it is today?

Boom in colour

Kolorseal started in life in late September 2004. Back then the industry was still very much in the rut of white, Light Oak and Rosewood/Mahogany. It is safe to say that the variety of colour being installed was very limited. But there was a market emerging. With composite doors on the horizon, and the extra colour options they were coming with, the idea of colour started to look a bit more promising.

So in comes Kolorseal. A company started with the sole purpose of providing a quality spraying service to the PVC and aluminium sectors who were looking to explore the possibilities in colour. At first Kolorseal was also a suppliers of windows and doors. But as the colour market exploded, that very quickly became a second string to the business. The market for coloured windows and doors was about to explode, and Kolorseal could not have got the timing better if they had tried!

Ten year’s on, they are the industry’s top PVC and aluminium sprayers, supplying many of the industry’s biggest and best installers, fabricators and syscos with coloured windows and doors, brightening up the industry that was once rather dull.

Focus on customer service

I can’t tell you how important good customer service is, especially now. With the cronic skills shortage in our industry and the wider construction industry, complaints about poor customer service are on the rise and in a big way. Get your customer service wrong and you can quickly see your customers leave to go to your competitors. That isn’t a good business model to follow.

However, Kolorseal over the past ten years have prided themselves on the best customer service possible. You can have the best product in the world, but if you don’t have a good working relationship with your suppliers and the people who work at the company, then it means nothing. As Kolorseal say themselves on their own websiteWe exist to provide all our clients with an unrivalled and repeatable, high quality service. We aim to be a vital and trusted supplier to your business.

Poor customer service can lose you business, but good customer service can also win you business. By putting quality customer service at the forefront of your business, as Kolorseal have, you give the business the best chance possible in standing the test of time.

I would like to personally congratulate Kolorseal and the dedicated team that work there on doing a great job and for reaching their 10th birthday in what can be a very difficult and competitive industry to work in. Here’s to the next ten years!


Tel: 01924 454856

Web: www.kolorseal.co.uk

Email: sales@kolorseal.co.uk

Twitter: @kolorseal