There is just over 40 days left until one of the most unpredictable and important General Elections in decades. Whether you’re interested in politics or not, this industry is directly affected by the policies and decisions this, and all governments will take. Our votes, and how we run ourselves and our businesses, will depend on who forms the next Government.

Who would you vote for?

I plan to take a much closer look at the election and our own industry in a future post. But I am interested in finding out who you guys plan to vote for, if at all. It’s nothing scientific, but it would give a small indication as to how our own industry might vote when we go to the polls.

I have created a small poll below, with what you could consider are all the main parties in UK politics right now. Please take a minute to vote on the poll and help give an indication as to how the industry might vote come polling day.

It would also be great to get some debate going on with this subject. All comments are welcome in the section below.

As for me? I am a total undecided voter. Over the past five years under the coalition, I cannot argue with my own personal life. I have my own home, a good car, a good wage. However I put a lot of that down to me working my backside off and going to look for the success, rather than any specific policies the Government has implemented. Also, there is a real possibility that a Tory government would raise VAT again, probably to 22.5%. This definitely would not be a good thing for our industry. Plus, this is a very unbalanced recovery. Some places are doing really well, some places are still desperately poor, with food banks at record levels.

Labour on the other hand are guaranteeing not to raise VAT, and to implement cuts at a slower pace. I also don’t buy a lot of this Labour-bashing that claims the financial crisis was all their fault. Remember Lehman Brothers in America and how their collapse caused a global financial meltdown? Can’t really blame all that on Labour. Does Ed Miliband inspire me with confidence? No. Do I believe he could take us to war or be the best guy for the job in a crisis? No.

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