The main challenge for a large company is figuring out how best to progress. Ways to evolve become a lot less obvious without others to pave the way, but Everest feel a responsibility to continually bring customers industry-leading products.

When creating something new, there is always an element of risk as being innovative, by its very definition, means being advanced and original, yet this can’t be done irresponsibly. Every product launched becomes synonymous with the Everest brand and a reputation that has taken half a century to build.

In business, a company thrives most when it remembers what it is best at and continues to deliver the expected standards on a consistent basis. To use McDonald’s as an example, they will always survive as long as they continue to provide satisfactory burgers and fries. It is the staple of their business and when you visit any one of their stores, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

So the challenge is in dedicating the time and energy to create core products, ensuring customers are happy, while continuing to lead the way in new technology.

Another thing to bear in mind is that when you are fifty years into an industry, improvements come in very small steps for a long time before anything revolutionary tends to happen again.

However, the revolutionary leaps don’t magically happen and it requires the small steps to make them possible. Many companies are happy to invest their collateral directly in their own products and wait for others to make the breakthroughs before following suit. There is nothing wrong with that, but at Everest, creation is part of the DNA and so monumental effort is invested into seeking those small improvements.

Here are Everest’s top five new offerings:

5. Smooth weld

“Smooth weld” is the name given to a new joint technology that offers joints that are almost invisible compared to current feature groove joints.

4. New Timber Options

The timber range across windows and doors has just become even more comprehensive with the inclusion of 10 new paint colours, including Chartwell Green, Agate Grey and Beige Grey as well as a host of new stain finishes.

3. Mark 7 windows upgrade

Initially launched in 2010, “Mark 7” windows have recently developed it so it contains a five chamber frame profile as opposed to three, allowing its performance to strengthen and continue.

2. Double to triple

Within the space of just 12-months, Everest double glazing has improved to the standard of most other window companies’ triple glazing, taking it from a WER Rating of A+10 to A+12.

1. Warmest ever windows

All of the smaller improvements occasionally leads to something big and Everest have been awarded an unprecedented A+21 WER Rating for our new triple glazed windows, making it by far the warmest and most efficient window in Britain.

Since the company’s creation in 1965, Everest have plenty to be proud about but the focus remains on the year ahead and the continued belief in creating market-leading products.

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