I’m back from my holiday! For anyone who was interested, I’ve spent the last two weeks in the Dominican Republic in an amazing 5 star all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana. I’ll bore you with some pictures in my personal column on here in the next couple of days. But while I’ve been away it seems to have been a pretty busy couple of weeks.

Tories win shock majority in 2015 election

While we were getting ready to go to dinner we watched as the Conservatives pulled away with a shock majority win. It put to shame every single poll put out by every polling company. Even the exit poll got it wrong. The world of business seemed to be happy with the result.

I’ll be doing my own full election analysis, even though it’s a week or so behind the curve. I’ll even tell you who I decided to vote for in the end!

Masco to acquire Evolution

On the industry front, the big news while I was away was the announcement that Masco UK Window Group is to acquire timber alternative pioneers Evolution. As a guy who works for a company who buys from Evolution this is something that I’ll take a personal interest in.

Masco are the UK’s biggest fabricator, Evolution were the first to create a genuine timber alternative PVCu window. It’s a partnership which could turbo-charge Evolution. Again, I’ll be doing a full analysis on this as there is a lot to explore on this one.

UK enters deflation

As we were arriving home, it was announced that the UK economy entered it’s first period of deflation since 1960. It’s only slight however. In terms of the advantages for the economy it should be a good thing. News that wages are still rising and the average cost of goods are still dropping should make for good news headlines, plus extra cash for homeowners to spend. Whether that’s on big ticket items like new windows and doors we don’t know, but it can’t harm!

Three leaders resign

Back to politics once again, and the election saw the heads of three parties roll, then one magically re-attach itself in the form of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, although it looks like they’re in a bit of a state at the moment right now.

But with Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg now gone, UKIP attracting four million votes and the SNP decimating Labour in Scotland, the political landscape appears to have changed very quickly. And looks like the Tories will gain a long term advantage from this.

Thanks for all the comments that you sent over the past two weeks, they have all been published now. Thanks for all the tweets and emails. I’ll be replying to them over the next day. So back to normal service, recharged, tanned and raring to go!