For the past couple of months I have been running a poll on DGB which has been asking you guys to vote on whether you would like to see the UK leave the European Union or not. This came about after the UK general election results and after the promise David Cameron made to hold an in/out referendum before the end of 2017. So I thought it might be worth gauging opinion now, and nearer to the time of the referendum to see how opinions will have changed between now and then. These are the results of the first poll:

Would you vote to stay in the European Union?

Yes – I want the UK to stay in the EU


No – I want the UK to leave the EU


Not sure – I need to find out the facts


Total votes: 100

There’s two ways we can look at these results. We can look at it and say that less than half of the people voted to stay in. The other way to see it is that more people voted to stay than to leave. The key in the future vote is going to be the floating voters. In this case there were nine that were undecided. If all nine decided that they wanted to leave, the “No” vote would win. However if only a couple decided to vote “Yes”, which is far more likely, the vote would go to stay in.

This of course isn’t scientific, and I wanted to stick to 100 votes to make the results clear to breakdown on here. But this should give some sort of indication as to how the industry views the UK’s relationship with the European Union. For me, it’s still a close race. As the real vote draws nearer, and the campaigns for leaving and staying step it up, we’ll start to find out which way the UK will vote.

Once we get nearer polling day, I’ll carry out another poll on here and compare the 100 votes of that one to this one to see if there has been any sort of swing. Thanks to all those who voted, it’s appreciated!

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