You’ve probably heard of the new Ultion high security door cylinder by now. The brand new Sold Secure diamond standard door cylinder by Brisant which has been making waves in both the locksmith and window and door industry. The fact that you’ve heard about it isn’t the good bit. No. The good bit is that a large portion of the industry either knows of it or is buying it in some way in just a matter of weeks.

Rapid rise

You can measure the lifespan of the Ultion door cylinder in the window and door industry in weeks, rather than months or years. It’s this short time scale which makes it’s rampage through the industry even more impressive. I personally have never seen such a product take off so powerfully in such a short space of time. So what lies behind this product’s rapid rise?

Firstly, the product itself ticks all the boxes. When I first set my eyes on it I was impressed. The Sold Secure status of the product counts for a lot. And the Ultion Door Cylinder doesn’t have the weaknesses that many other door cylinders have. We have tested many at our place and we’ve found only two before this one actually do what they claim to do. And even those two aren’t impervious to a burglar that really knows what they’re doing and has the tools as well.

We tested the Ultion door cylinder thoroughly. And I mean thoroughly. No matter what state we got the cylinder in, no weaknesses were found. When you make a product which seemingly has no flaws, persuading the industry to take it up isn’t going to be that difficult.

Good pricing point

The price of the Ultion door cylinder is very good, considering the quality of the product you are buying. If you are an installer buying direct then you can expect to pay roughly £10-£20 + VAT more per cylinder, depending on the size. If you’re a supplier then unit costs would presumably come down when larger stock is bought.

This is not a lot in the grand scheme of things. A quality door is going to cost £1200+, what’s another £20 on top? It’s not going to put either the installer or the home owner off at all. We’ve started using these cylinders as standard on all our doors. Hasn’t impacted us one bit, and we know that we’re giving the home owner the best possible cylinder out there right now.

Quality marketing

Mr Dutton is known to have a keen eye for marketing, and his talent for eye catching marketing is in full flow with Ultion. For a start they have a cracking website. It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen in the industry. Designed by The Consultancy, it’s slick, responsive on all devices, gets all the main points of the product across, and is visually engaging. All key factors when creating a quality website. The featured image for this post was taken from their site.

See the Ultion website

They have also recently brought out new literature in the form of posters and leaflets to back up their online efforts. Again this is well designed and eye catching.

Short lead times

They have made sure that supply is good and that orders can be turned around in double quick time. I think that if you place an order early enough, you could ask for it to be delivered next day, if not the day after. The point is, you can get your hands on the Ultion door cylinder quickly.

Not that many of us would need such a quick turnaround, but should the time come and you need these cylinders quickly, that option is there.

So it’s success is a combination of all the above. A high quality product, backed up by solid marketing, priced at a point where everyone can take it on board, and with quick delivery times. All four fairly basic points. But when all are put together, can be used very effectively!

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