It’s time to get to know you all just a little bit better!

I get thousands of visitors to this site every week, but other than those leaving comments, I don’t know who you are. So now seems as good a time as ever to do something about it.

I have devised a poll, as you can see below, that sets out a few categories. All I ask is you click on the option that best describes you. If there isn’t your option there, just click “other”.

I’ll be keeping this poll up for a while, I want to find out who is visiting DGB and from what area of the industry you’re coming from.

It’s important for sites like this to know who is reading. It allows me to not only know my demographic, but will also help me to improve my content creation, and to ensure that the content I make it being directed at the right people and make sure that the content being published is worth reading! So please take a second to click below before you leave to go look at something else.

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