Following on from my ten window and door products that have changed the industry post from yesterday, as promised, here is my list of ten window and door products that are going to change the industry. For clarity, this is a list of ten window and door products that have either just recently launched in the past few weeks or months, or products that are about to come out. As always, all comment and suggestions on this list are welcome in the section below.

This list is in no particular order!

1. Sage Glass

As far as glass products go, Sage Glass, a US division of Saint-Gobain, this is probably one of the most hyped and anticipated in years. If you’ve not heard of it or not sure what Sage Glass is, this video should explain it all:

Saint-Gobain are bringing it to the UK as they feel it has an application in the UK conservatory roof market. And I agree. Although we’re not the hottest country in the world, it only takes an hour of sun to make the existing crop of conservatories in this country way too warm. This sort of product could have a huge impact on roof glazing on all existing and future glazed extensions.

2. Ultion high security door cylinder

As far as cylinder products go, the Ultion high security door cylinder from Brisant is probably the most exciting new cylinder product to land in the window and door industry in a very long time. No apparent weaknesses, fantastic marketing and a competitive price point, this new cylinder is going to change the cylinder industry. I’ve written loads about it, so I won’t repeat myself here. Just search “Ultion” on the left hand side.

3. Composite windows

It’s been around for a little while, but the composite window seems to be edging closer to the ideal product. There have been variations in the past, but the ones on the market right now seem to be the best of the bunch so far.

Why will this product change or influence the industry? I have written before that single material products will only take us so far. For things to move forward in the future, we’re going to have to get experimental and combine various window and door materials to break new ground. Which leads me nicely on to…

4. Warmcore hybrid bi-fold doors

Launched only in the past couple of months, Warmcore is the industry’s first proper hybrid aluminium bi-folding door. It’s been very well received in it’s early stages, and has been a product I have kept an eye on from it’s first teaser all the way up to it’s launch and beyond.

I went to go visit the factory last week and was highly impressed with the product. Why is it going to change the industry? It’s a proper hybrid combining the advantages of PVC and aluminium. It’s price point makes it accessible for most home owners with the space for one. Again, I’ve written plenty about this, search “Warmcore” on the left hand side.

5. Rustique 3 triple glazing

For me, triple glazing had become a bit stagnant. The industry lauded it as the next big step, but for a variety of reasons, the energy behind it seemed to fall a bit flat. However, the announcement of Rustique 3 from John Fredericks may change that.

It’s the first dedicated triple glazing system to use a 70mm outer frame, based on an existing and popular aesthetic design, again priced to be competitive and make it an affordable upgrade from double to triple for most home owners. I believe that it will turn the attention back to triple glazing and help kick start what really should be the next step in the evolution of window products. Expect a full and proper launch early September.

6. Apeer’s seamless glazing

One of the star products that has caught my eye this year has been the new seamless glazing products from Apeer.

Click here to find out more

Check these screenshots out:

It boasts 50mm triple glazing, glass which covers the frame, it comes in different colours. Frankly it looks the nuts. It’s one of the nicest new window products I’ve seen in years. It may not become a massive seller and take over the industry, but it will change and impact the industry because of it’s revolutionary design. I fully expect that other companies will look at seamless glazing and take some styling hints from it. Trust me, this one will catch on.

7. Warmcore windows?

The Warmcore bi-fold has and will continue to shake up the bi-fold market. It will not be long until there is a window to go with it. Once there is, it will make shock waves in the window industry too. My prediction is that if and when this product comes to market, the number of installers selling aluminium to the residential market is going to shoot up.

8. Smart door locks

We’re slowly getting there, but before long we’re going to see a smart door lock that works on residential doors in the UK market. Take a look at this one from August as an example:

It’s for the American market, but there are UK versions being worked on right now. Will something like this catch on? Could it help break the bond between British home owners on their keys? I’ll reserve judgement on this one. People in this country find habits hard to break. We might need a bit of persuasion to move over to a product like the one above.

9. In-house spraying

Less of a product, more of a service this one. But if suppliers invested in in-house spraying facilities, it could open up the coloured window and door market to home owners even more than it is right now. Colour is already changing the market for the better. Something like this could turbo-charge it.

10. Hybrid products

Last but not least, hybrid products in general. Single material products may hit a ceiling a some point soon. So it’s high time the industry started properly investing in multi-material research. We’re seeing tentative steps so far, with a hybrid bi-fold and a composite window. But we need to be exploring on a much larger scale. For me, I think we could produce some jaw dropping products combining the very best of PVC, aluminium and timber. Once we crack something like that, I think it could have a profound impact on the industry.

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