There seems to be a day for everything. Today was National Burger Day. A type of day I can really get behind and support. Sadly, as I’m trying to eat better, I had pasta for lunch and left the burgers alone. There’s National Dog Day, Skyscraper Day, Women’s Equality Day and even Toasted Marshmallow Day. In fact it’s quite fun looking at all these days of the year. Sadly, there is no obvious National Glass Day or Glazing Day.

A day for glass

We have days for pancakes, radio commercials and Welsh Rarebit yet nothing for glazing. Seems a crime to me.

Garry Monk of St Johns Windows first floated the idea of a National Glass and Glazing Day, and is an idea I believe we should give some considerable time to.

A National Glass and Glazing Day could be hugely beneficial in a number of ways:

  • A day to put the UK glass and glazing sector in the spotlight. Should it be backed, a National Glass and Glazing day would provide the opportunity for the industry to get it’s messages across to the general public.
  • A chance to educate and explain the importance of the glass and glazing sector to the general public
  • It can be a day to show off to the country some of the best and most inspiring projects where glazing takes centre-stage
  • The day should be a fun way to communicate facts and figures about the UK glass and glazing sector
  • The industry can use it as a day to engage with home owners
  • Should it make it’s way into the media, it would give the industry a chance to show it’s good side and try and dispel some of the negativity that has built up over the past couple of decades
  • It’s a day everyone can get behind. Trade organisations, industry bodies, individual companies can all throw their weight behind it.

These are just some of the benefits. If the likes of the GGF, FENSA, Certass, GGFi as well as other major bodies such as Network VEKA, GQA Qualifications can behind it and get some movement going behind it, then I think it can get off the ground.

Next would be the super-groups, the likes of Epwin, DW3, Synseal, A&B group etc getting behind it. Their massive networks and influence could help give the day a big boost. Everyone else can get involved too. This day would be for absolutely every single person and company in the glass and glazing sector.

There is huge potential in something like this, with spin-off ideas, initiatives, movements which could be spawned off the back of it.

Would you support it?

The question is, would you support a National Glass and Glazing day? Would you get involved in the festivities? Would you support it via your website? Would you encourage your customers and home owners to engage with it? If so, let the industry know via the poll below.

If this sort of thing could gain momentum, then perhaps the industry could declare a National Glass and Glazing day at some point during the next calendar!

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