I have been running a poll recently on Double Glazing Blogger where I have been asking you to identify which part of the industry you work in. It’s all in aid of me getting to know exactly who the readership of this website is.

The results so far have been interesting. It’s great to see the number of home owners coming to the site growing. A sign that Double Glazing Blogger is starting to break out of it’s industry enclosure. There is a good spread between the systems, fabricators and installers too.

I am going to reactivate the poll and run it for a while longer, perhaps until the end of the year. 200 votes have been cast, but the more it gets the more in-depth the final end results will be.

So before you go, if you haven’t already, please give the poll below a click and let me know which part of the industry you come from!

Home owner/consumer – 29% 58 votes 29%
Systems Company – 7% 14 votes 7%
Fabricator/Manufacturer – 15% 30 votes 15%
Installation company – 17% 34 votes 17%
Glass systems/fabricator – 3% 6 votes 3%
Ancillary company i.e. trims, fixings, silicones etc – 2.5% 5 votes 2%
Spacer bar manufacturer – 2.5% 5 votes 2%
Trade press/media – 0.5% 1 vote 1%
IT/Tech – 1% 2 votes 1%
PR Company – 2.5% 5 votes 2%
Other – 20% 40 votes 20%

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