If you’re in the business of fenestration, you probably use the products of two of the biggest glass makers in the UK, Pilkington and Saint-Gobain. These behemoths have been pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency in glass for countless years and have been the main drivers in research and development in glass technology. And you can find products from both these giants at Ecoglass.

Pilkington and Saint-Gobain in one place

Ecoglass supply products from both the major manufacturers. On the Pilkington side, they carry a very wide selection of frosted and obscure glasses, part of their Decorative range of glass. They also carry the Oriel range of etched glass designs, ideal for office partitioning, displays, balustrading and of course, new windows.

When it comes to Saint-Gobain products, the choice is just a varied. Ecoglass produce the well known Planitherm 4S insulating glass. They also carry specialist solar control glass, a range of tinted Bioclean self-cleaning glass which is ideal for conservatory roofs or properties with higher pollution.

So why is it important that Ecoglass provide products from two of the largest suppliers? Well, ask the industry what they prefer to use, and the loyalties will lie strong with probably the two aforementioned businesses. Both have been around for a very long time. Both produce high quality products and both are very well known to the general public, although Pilks could probably claim the crown on that one. The point is, the loyalties to these two systems houses are strong, therefore it makes sense for Ecoglass to provide both.

If Ecoglass stuck to just one supplier, they would be losing out on probably half of the available market in the area they cover. This doesn’t make good business sense. However, this isn’t the case and fans of both Pilkington and Saint-Gobain can happily order what ever they need from Ecoglass!

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