According to a poll live right now on DGB, most are busier than normal, or busier than they have ever been for quite a while. A sign then that the industry seems to be in good health. This is of course a good thing. But while we’re all busy making the most of these good times, for installers, it is important that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Here are three things that installers need from their fabricators right now.

100% product quality

When you’re working on 8 weeks lead times or more, you cannot afford to have anything disrupt a well planned installation schedule. This means you need things to go in your favour. The weather for example. Nice dry days will ensure that meticulously planned schedule will flow without a hitch. Of course with the UK climate this can never be guaranteed!

What window and door installers also need is 100% product quality from their suppliers. They need them to make sure their quality control process is firing on all cylinder to make sure that all products delivered are problem free.

If an installer find a problem with a product, specifically one that prevents that product from being fit, that very well organised installation schedule can very quickly go down the drain. A delay in fitting one job can have a massive knock on effect as they look to try and move other jobs around. It can also cause delays in cash flows, vital for any installation business no matter how big or small.

Support and back up

Most installers seem to be really busy right now. But many are also busy trying new things. Fabricators are bringing out a whole raft of new products and innovations and installers are regularly breaking new ground with them.

So whilst installers are going out to diversify and expand their reach with bigger and better product portfolios, they have to have the back up of their suppliers in every way possible.

There will be questions. There will be times where on site support is needed. There will be phone support needed. There will be times when a rep needs to visit. In short, whatever the installer needs during these busy and innovative times, their suppliers need to be on hand with the help as quickly as possible. Time is money and all that!

Killer marketing

There are some really high quality products out there right now. In fact I have written before recently that this is the most innovative and advanced the industry has been in it’s history. So what about the marketing to go with it?

There is simply no point in bringing out new products to market without the marketing for installers to back it up. Despite the power of the web, home owners still like a brochure to take home after a showroom visit. Good, high quality literature to back up a new high end product is vital not just for the installer, but for the fabricator producing the product as well.

Showroom support is key as well. Installers need new products in their showroom to be able to sell and demonstrate them effectively.

If fabricators can do this for their installers, it will mean they are well equipped and prepared to make the most of this positive economic environment, which is good not only for the installer, but the fabricator too.

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