We’re into the last quarter of the year, and whether you like it or not, it’s around that time of year where we start to look back and reflect on the year that is slowly drawing to a close. It’s also the time where we start to look at the coming year, but it’s the only the first week in October so I think we’ll leave that for another post.

This year compared to last

I think the main question most are asking themselves and of each other is if this year has been a better year than 2014. We all know how explosive the first half of 2014 was explosive, with the second half much more a normal pace. But either way, 2014 was a marker in the ground and for many one of the best years in a long time, particularly since the recession years.

Following one good year, we all hope for another, if not a better one. Yet 2015 has been much more of a steady year, leading up to a very busy school holiday period. To try and get a perspective on what the industry thinks, I have created a poll which I would love you all to spend a second clicking!

My own personal opinion on this year has changed. After the first six months I was doubting that 2015 could actually surpass the business done in the previous year.

However, after one of the busiest summer school holidays, the last few months of this year look set to the some of the busiest.

Six months in, it felt like the industry was going into consolidation mode. Not going quiet as such, but taking the foot off the peddle somewhat. But during and since the school holidays, a real zip has come back and plenty are now booked up with fitting until the end of the year. If 2015 is going to beat 2014, it’s going to take every last working week to do it, but it is possible.

I shall be doing my end of year review as we approach the final throes of the year, but I will be keeping this poll live up until then to gain as accurate a view as possible. The end results I suspect may be close.

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