Over the weekend I am very happy to report that this site broke it’s all-time visitors record, breaking the 2014 total over ten weeks before the end of the year.

2014 vs now

Last year, DGB recorded a then record of 102,601 visitors to the site, of which 76,132 were unique. Stats I was very proud of and hoped to beat this year. Over the weekend I had indeed surpassed 2014’s total, and at the time of writing visits for the year so far stood at 103,360. The site’s daily average says DGB stands to break the 130k visitors barrier for the first time.

Unique visitors for 2015 should be last years, but later on in the year. For some, statistics like this don’t mean much, but to me, it is numerical proof for how the site has grown over the six and a half years it has existed.

Visitor numbers year by year













2015 so far


As you can see from the number above, the site has done very well since it’s creation. Growth has been strong every year on the visitors and unique visitors front. The only fly in the ointment is that this year will be the site’s second best year for page views, rather than first. But I guess that’s not too much to complain about.

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site so far this year. Each and everyone is valued and your time spent on DGB is what helps it to grow and get better as each year passes.

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