John Fredericks have certainly been a busy company so far this year. Among the many innovations and new products introduced so far in 2015, the Rustique 3 triple glazing has to be one of the most notable. But as we head into the meaty part of the last quarter, they have one more thing left to show off before we can start to look forward to some well earned time off.

I have been privileged to have been given a sneak peak at what is set to be announced soon, and just like with Rustique 3, this is yet another new product which will allow John Fredericks to gain the upper hand on the rest of the PVCu fabrication sector.

This fantastic new product is set to be announced soon. Keep checking this site, as well as the DGB and John Fredericks Twitter feeds to stay up to date with the latest on this upcoming product announcement.



Tel: 01422 314100

Twitter: @jfplastics


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