This has been one of my ideas I have been toying with for a little while, and I’ve decided to give it a blast to see if it becomes a popular feature or not. I have created a section for readers to submit their own posts. This is what you need to know.

Expanding the conversation

The whole idea of the guest post submission is obviously to get more people to contribute to the debate that goes on within this website. There is already the comments section where people inside and outside the industry leave their options, thoughts and the occasional question. But those can quickly get lost as more content becomes published and that conversation falls further down the list.

So, I have set up a page where people who wish to write their own post to be submitted on this website can do so. I only need your name, email address, title of the post and of course the post itself. You can also upload an image that you would like to be used as the featured image. If you choose not to, don’t worry, I can do that from my end.

However, there are a few house rules that should be adhered to to make sure that your content gets posted:

  • no libelous statements or false accusations
  • no personal attacks
  • no foul language
  • no private data or information
  • no racism
  • no blatant advertising

Stick to these then you’ll be good to go. In fact, there has already been an early submission via the page, in the form of an extended question about Cornice and LivinRoom glazed extension products. Click this link to go read that post and associated comments:

I really do hope that many of you will choose to spend a little time to send in your own posts. I shall continue to write my own daily posts and some of the old sponsored stuff too, that won’t change. But I really want to blast open the doors of debate. Sometimes it’s good to get an outside perspective on things. I have my own opinions and will continue to write the way I do, but it’s also great to get the input from people outside of this website, perhaps to take a different look on some of the topics I’ve written about, or maybe on a subject that I’ve missed completely.

Either way, I hope you have fun with it all and I’m looking forward to publishing some of your content on DGB very soon!

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