Last week John Fredericks teased yet another new product to be launched before the end of the year. Now we can finally see what the teasing has been all about. The product is called Auto-Lock and this is how it works:

How it works

Not bad is it. This has been a brand new locking mechanism developed from scratch and is exclusive of John Fredericks and it’s customers.

The difference with the Auto-Lock compared to traditional locking mechanisms is the slanted trigger switch that lies in the middle of the locking mechanism.

Upon closing a door with the Autolock mechanism, it is this trigger that activates all the locking points on the mechanism, without the need to operate the door handle.

Autolock has a silent function which makes sure that the door can be closed easily just on latch compression. And once that happens, the trigger sets off all the locking points. Then, as normal, a turn of the key locks the door completely.

Other key points on Autolock:

  • 2 steel hooks combined with 2 steel bolt locking units
  • 4 x i.S. interactive locking cams
  • 20mm throw central dead bolt
  • PAS24 tested
  • 3mm face plate for greater strength
  • durability tested to 50,000 cycles
  • 10 year guarantee

The sell

That’s the technicals, this is why it’s so good.

With Autolock, there is no need whatsoever to have to use the handle to activate the mechanism. You simply close the door and the trigger does the rest. To open the door again, press the handle down as normal, close the door behind you WITHOUT lifting the handle up, turn your key, and you’re done!

The rough estimate is that 70% of consumers don’t regularly use the multi-point lock on their doors. That means those doors are pulled tight to the outer frame, exposing the door to the weather, break-in attempts, bowing, gradually allowing the door to become misaligned. Just think of all those service calls you have attended in the past because the door has become warped in some way, or has dropped, or it’s been leaking and the home owner doesn’t understand why. Autolock solves this.

Think of it another way. This product is ideal for those who struggle at home. The elderly or disabled can sometimes struggle with operating the door handle. With Autolock and it’s trigger, there is now no need to lift the handle to engage the mechanism. A simple shut of the door and turn of the key is all it takes.

So no forgetting as you leave the house wondering if the mechanism is up. No repetitive lifting of the door handle. Less service calls for installers. It works on lever/lever and and split spindle options too.

Autolock is exclusive to John Fredericks, no other fabricator can sell this product.

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