What do you reckon to this then? This is one of our engineered doors we have installed recently. We don’t do purple doors all that often, but when we do, they tend to turn out pretty damn good. The customer was pleased, I was pleased. We can all expect more colour.


The choice in the door market right now is as high as it has ever been. A great thing for home owners as they can finally get excited about changing their entrance doors without having to go for an option everyone else on the street has already.

But if you really want to go down the custom route, which we do a lot now, individual colours are a great way to go. It can be purple, burnt orange, yellow, gold, sky blue, anything from the RAL charts, anything from the Farrow & Ball charts. By spraying a door a colour specific to the needs of the home owner, it immediately sets their choice apart from anything else ever done. It’s this individuality that is driving the diversity and development of the entrance door market in the UK.

A main driver

You can’t deny that colour has been a main driver in the strength of the entrance door market in the past few years. Industry sprayers like Kolorseal have opened up the colourful side of the market to installers and fabricators where previously it wasn’t readily available.

It is colour that will continue to be the main driver in the evolution of entrance doors. Materials, security and design will all play their part, but in my experience it has been the ability to give home owners a door of absolutely any colour they desire that has been one of the biggest boosts to sales in doors over the past few years.

I also believe that the main colours, such as red, black, blue and green will fade away over the coming years. These are very bold colours that I believe in time will fall out of favour with a lot of home owners simply because a lot of people will have them. No one wants what everyone else wants.

Instead, heritage colours, Farrow & Ball colours and more obscure pastel colours will become quickly popular as home owners look for something individual and unique to them.

Hope you all liked the purple door. More of this stuff is on the way for us all, and I think it looks fantastic!

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