The window and door industry and the stock market isn’t always a link people associate with. However, there are quite a few massive companies that are traded on stock markets here, in France and around the world. The other day I decided to explore Bloomberg and see how many of our industry’s companies are listed, and more important, how well they have done over the past 12 months. For most it was good news.

All good, barring one exception

I found six of perhaps the most well known companies with a presence in the UK, these were Saint-Gobain, Eurocell, The Epwin Group, SafeStyle UK, Pilkington and Deceuninck. There are a few others, but these are probably the most well known to all of us that are traded on the stock markets. Here is how each one has performed in the past year:

The Epwin Group

Epwin Group shares have performed strongly since February after taking a dip. They peaked mid-August, but have since retreated a little. Perhaps a further sign that the glass and glazing sector is cooling down just a little.

SafeStyle UK

Most aren’t fond of them, but you can’t argue with this graph. In a very similar way to the Epwin Group, shares have performed strongly since February, peaking in August, then falling back a little afterwards. Still way up from the start of the year though. Results that justify their decision to enter the markets.


Share information doesn’t go back a full 12 months as Eurocell are fairly new to the stock market. However, they have performed fairly strongly since doing so. Not a sky rocket rise, but then again, such a rapid rise can bring similarly rapid falls. So a good start for Eurocell.


Following a very similar pattern to other traded companies this year, Saint-Gobain shares rose strongly from the start of the year, falling back towards the back end. The more graphs like this you see, the bigger the hint becomes that the energy in the glazing sector recovery might be starting to wane.


Deceuninck shares have followed a slightly different pattern to the norm this year. A fairly flat 2015, up until mid-July where shares took off on a rapid rise, with shares at the end of last week near their all-time highs for the year. Deceuninck bucking the trend?

There is one rather large fly in the ointment however…


Chart credit: Bloomberg Business

Everyone knows that the past few years have been tough for Pilkington. Yearly accounts have not made for good reading. This share graph encapsulates their performance. From a peak in late May, to a very steel decline, with a couple of very sharp drops along the way. Surely a concerning time for Pilkington bosses over in Japan.

Generally though, these charts should make for good reading for the industry. If our biggest companies are doing well, then that positive sentiment should filter down to the rest. However, it is worth taking note of the retreats in the various share prices at the back end of the year. There are hints and whispers around the sector if you listen closely that things are perhaps not as busy or positive as people may honestly tell you.

It’s worth watching how these companies and others start 2016. Maybe they will give a hint towards how the industry is going to perform.

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