A very happy New Year to you all!

I am sure that there are a few sore heads out there on this first day of the New Year, and why not! 2015 was a slog and a half, with it being a record year for many of us.

Whilst we’re still cleaning the streamers from the floor, finding beer bottles stuffed in impossible places, and trying to get the last few drunkards to go home, thoughts will now turn to the year that is to come in business. Well, perhaps not today, but maybe tomorrow!

You can read my predictions for this coming year in my 2016 preview post published in December. For me, 2016 is going to be another tough one. It’s going to be good for those that continue to push themselves forward, keeping the energy high and refusing to slow down. It won’t be easy. Our industry seems to become more competitive and cut-throat by the month. But it’s the companies that continue to look towards quality and innovation that will do well this year.

Dare to take a breather at your peril. Hopefully the Christmas break has let you recharge your batteries. You’re going to need it, because if you don’t meet this New Year head on, you might find yourself on the back foot straight away. You can’t stay still in business, especially right now.

FiT Show 2016

For the UK window and door industry, the showpiece of the year will be the FiT Show, due to be held on 12-14 April of this year.

Many companies will have chosen this event to unveil brand new products, which is hard to believe given the number of new products we saw announced in 2015. This will be the third FiT Show and the biggest too, with extra hall space booked and sold.

Expectations will be high from those exhibiting and attending, and I will be there to cover the exhibition to the fullest extent possible, via my live page service, as well as daily reviews, live tweeting and one big mega review once the whole thing is over. If you’re there, come grab me a say hi!

2016 is going to be a belter in all senses of the word. But for now, I’ll leave you to attend your hangovers in peace.

Happy New Year!

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