Much of the media coverage last week was given to Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to renegotiate the UK’s terms within the European Union. It’s fair to say that the overall commentary surrounding the “deal” was fairly negative. Indeed, if you look at the finer points and the things Cameron wanted to achieve, there is very little new to say that the UK’s relationship will change all that much.

It also looks like we’re going to get a referendum vote in the summer of this year, which means those who are sitting on the fence but intend to vote, really need to start thinking about their choices – there’s no “don’t know” option.

So, given the Prime Minister’s attempts to change our relationship with the EU, knowing what we know now, how would you vote if the referendum was today?

Many issues to resolve

I have said before that my vote would be a vote to leave. It wouldn’t be on things like immigration, that doesn’t bother me, in fact I think we should be doing more – but that’s a post for the personal column.

My vote to leave would be down to control over business. My most recent irritation was with CE Marking. I saw no justified reason to remove the existing British system, that we all liked and new, to be replaced by the EU’s CE mark. The logistical nightmare that created was not worth the effort or paper. And right now, do we all believe that all windows and doors being produced, sold and installed have the correct CE markings? Probably not.

There was nothing our Parliament could do about that, and we pay billions per year to be part of it. They also want to get rid of the UK’s WER system and replace it with their own pan-European one. Again, more tinkering with things that don’t need to be touched.

I also don’t buy into the argument that if the UK left we wouldn’t be able to do business on good terms with the rest of Europe. Where’s the proof for that? The continent isn’t going to suddenly start boycotting the products we have been making and exporting for decades just because we left the club. They have been buying our produce because we’re the best place to buy it from. That doesn’t have to change if we left.

For many other voters, there are a plethora of issues that will help them to decide one way or the other as to whether we should stay or leave. For me, it’s the business and money side of it all. For others, it will be immigration, political union, security and many other things.

It’s going to be perhaps the most important issue we face as a country this year, and will have a profound effect on every industry, including our own. So please feel free to take part in the conversation and leave your comments and responses in the section below. And please place your vote before you leave to carry on your day, it will be great to know how the industry is thinking on this very important issue right now.

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