As you’re probably aware, there has been a poll running on this website over the past few days to gauge how the UK window and door industry would vote in the upcoming EU referendum. Crucially, this poll is taking place after the latest rounds of negotiations from David Cameron with the rest of the EU. His “deal” was largely slammed by most, with many coming to the conclusion that this new relationship really wasn’t much different from the current one.

So, in an attempt to gauge reactions and new opinions, I opened up a poll asking industry readers, based on this new deal and relationship, how they were likely to vote. The results were emphatic:


Now I know some of you find these regular polls on DGB a bit annoying when they pop up on your screen automatically, but they get results. Votes were trickling in when I left the poll attached to the post it was published on. But once I set it to appear on your screen automatically, then disappear once you voted, things really got going.

In total 419 votes were cast in just a couple of days, and it’s clear which camp most of those voters were in. I did expect the “leave” to be ahead, given that a number of national polls recently gave the “out” campaign a 9% lead. But I didn’t expect the lead to be so large.


For the importance of fairness, I restricted each person to one vote each by way of cookie. I’ve taken a look at the analytics and web traffic around the post and poll and I’m confident that the majority of votes were cast by industry members.

Personally, I think if I held this poll a week before the date of the actual referendum these votes would be different. I think there are some who perhaps have been swayed by the media hype in recent weeks, especially given recent speeches made by the PM and other Government ministers and the following analysis of those speeches. I suspect that as the campaigns ramp up and the arguments for and against are made, some of these votes will change. It almost certainly won’t be 86% voting out by the time of the referendum.

There are many issues involved within the whole EU debate, yet it’s only one or two issues that seems to be driving the debate. I think it is important for everyone who intends to vote to find out as much information as possible about all possible issues raised by Brexit before deciding one way or another. There’s no going back if we vote to leave, so at least be very sure of your decision when you put the x on the ballot paper.

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