Offering a wider range of products to the end user means increasing the diversity of customers that you can target.

Fortunately, these two factors are now possible with the Window Outlet’s trade supply of Kaye Building Systems and their commercial aluminium doors.

High quality commercial aluminium doors

Commercial aluminium doors manufactured from Kaye Building Systems’ aluminium profiles are some of the highest-performing on the market. They are available in two options, either of which will appeal to the end user – but what are the subtle differences?

Non-thermal commercial aluminium doors (KSF): suitable for a variety of commercial applications, resistant to rust, door openings can be hinged, pivoted or sliding, can incorporate variety of hardware

Thermal commercial aluminium doors (KTS): as above, with a cost-effective way to enhance thermal performance. Utilises a thermally broken system which can exceed building regulations

A range of features to entice new commercial applications

  • A stylish door with slim sightlines, perfect for offices, shops and any commercial use
  • Enhanced energy efficiency and weatherproofing – keeping the British weather out
  • Dual colour options – match the personality of their commercial property
  • Adheres to strict security and safety regulations – features anti-finger trapping, efficient locks and automatic opening options

What will you gain from offering our range of commercial aluminium doors?

  • Diversification of customer base – entice a wider demographic
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Incredibly fast lead and turnaround times
  • Service from directors with over 4 decades of experience
  • Quick installation thanks to screw ports for flush glazing and mechanical corner joints – move on to your next job quicker than ever before

An aluminium trade supply that you can rely on

As industry experts, The Window Outlet knows how hard it can be to find a genuine and trustworthy trade supplier. That is why they aim to provide the best service – and succeed in doing so.

With a diverse supply range where high quality is a priority, it is no wonder that they were the National Fenestration Awards’ ‘Aluminium Company of 2015’ – this reflects the fact that they are one of the UK’s most well-regarded suppliers for aluminium doors, windows and a range of other products. To see the quality of their commercial aluminium doors for yourself, enquire today.

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