It’s around six weeks until the doors open at the Telford International Centre for the 2016 FIT Show, and marketing campaigns are really gearing up now, with exhibitors hoping to pull in as many visitors to the show, and more importantly their own stands, during the three days. With that, comes the pressure to deliver.

Walking the walk

There is plenty of talks being talked. I’m seeing a lot of buzz words like “game changing” and “revolutionary”, all aimed at building some serious hype. Fully expected of course. But, with hype comes pressure, pressure to deliver on those promises made in the marketing.

Profile 22 have promised a game changer at this year’s exhibition. Sage Glass are claiming the future of glazing will be on show. Visitors, as well as the industry press and all potential customers will be casting a keen eye on what is sure to be record number of new announcements and products, to see if they all really do live up to their hype.

So exhibitors have to walk the walk. They absolutely have to make sure that whatever it is, be it a new product, new service, new marketing, lives up to the expectations they build around them. If they don’t, then there is no bigger magnifying glass than the UK window and door industry’s biggest show in which to fail under.

Intense innovation

I think what we are going to see at this year’s FIT Show is exactly how intense the level of innovations and development has been over the past few years. Over the past twelve months even.

The recession acted as a wake up call to our industry which had been coasting along for a while. It showed us that there was a pressing need to innovate and diversify. It became very clear that the existing channels of revenue were quickly running dry and manufacturers had to find new ways for installers to sell their products.

Since then, we have seen a constant stream of brand new products and evolutions of existing ones that have blown the window and door market wide open. Right now, the industry is probably the most advanced it has ever been, and it continues to advance quickly as each year passes. It could be said that it was a shame it took a recession to spark things off, but things are what they are.

During the three days at the FIT Show I will be doing my very best to get round as many exhibitor stands as possible, if not all of them, to see what new products they are bringing to market. If they have something new, I’ll be reviewing it!

If you’re planning to visit the FIT Show in April, what will be on your shopping list? A new supplier? A new range of products from your existing suppliers? New marketing options and opportunities? Or just a nosey at the general state of the industry and to see where the future of the UK window and door industry is going? All comments very welcome via the section below.

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