Chances are, if you’re reading this during the day, you’re probably sat at a desk with your face aimed at your laptop, phone or tablet. It’s one of the perks of during this time of year. We’ve had all sorts of weather this week. It’s rained, it’s snowed, it’s been very windy, it’s been damn cold and there’s been the odd glimmer of sunshine. All of which us deskies have been sheltered away from. Apart from the window and door fitters.

A hardened bunch

There’s no doubting it, window and door fitters are a hardy bunch. As I’ve said above, we’ve had all weathers in the past week, most of which we really wouldn’t want to be outside for. Yet, window and door fitters, all with the aim to earn a living, will battle through in the rain and snow to make sure a home owners new windows are fitted and some money has been earned. I am most certainly sure I wouldn’t want to do it, but these guys do, and it’s something they should be applauded for.

It’s a physical job. One that many of us aren’t cut out to do day in day out every week of the year. I know when I get the chance to visit our guys on site that they’re putting a shift in, and when it’s blowing a gale and it’s three degrees, I know I am grateful for having the job I have.

Yet, despite often inclement conditions and tough working environment, many finish their installations to a very high standard.

The last face of the company

For many home owners, the fitters are the last people from the company they see. So not only do they have to do a great job, they need to be able to interact with the customer as well. This business is a people business, and if you don’t have a good bedside manner, you’re going to struggle.

We all know how challenging some home owners can be, yet it’s often window fitters which bear the brunt of awkward questions, disgruntled attitudes, and tactics to delay payment. They are the ones that have to smooth things over, keep the home owners onside and try and have a bit of banter. Sales staff, due to always being on leads and quoting, don’t often have the chance to do that.

Fitters are the final face of the company. If they do a good job, work to a high standard, they leave the home owner with a great impression, pay their final balance on time and be more likely to recommend the business to their friends and family.

Important final chain

Our industry is one big chain, from the systems company right down to the window fitter. Each part of the chain is important. Each chain can’t function without the other. But it is the installers of the products which is the final part of that chain, and they have to get it right. And more often than not they do.

The conditions they work in, the physicality of the job, the product knowledge, the qualifications and all other things involved is the reason why I admire what they do. I know I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it, but without them, I wouldn’t have a job, and I’m sure many of you wouldn’t either.

So here’s to the fenestration window and door fitters. Have a beer or two this weekend and put your feet up!

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