He stunned seminar audiences at both FIT Shows with his tips and tricks for converting more than 80% of leads …now sales guru, author and business mentor Paul Clifton is back at FIT 2016 to show how to turn around a company by ‘playing numbers’.

Paul’s speeches proved to be show-stoppers at both previous FIT Shows and now he is returning to deliver his unmissable presentation ‘Transform your double glazing business from average to fortune’.

Using real case studies, Paul will be debunking ‘theoretical profit’, ‘simplistic accounting views’ and many other factors he says stand in the way of real profit and growth, favouring instead techniques ‘to get numbers working’ based on his experience, including mentoring eight major industry players over the last couple of years.

Paul, co-founder of Window Installer Sales Lab and author of What Master Salesmen Know That Average Salesmen Don’t, says: “I have conducted many financial health checks in the industry over the years and my talk will be an eye-opener.

“People who will benefit are installer owners, accountants and suppliers to installers. I will also touch on the mindsets required for success because if installers want to up their profits then they first need to up their game. You can’t do the same thing and expect a different result. For profits to change then mindsets and activity have to also change.

“I am going to show the audience real case studies and how we turned the companies around by playing numbers. I will also show them techniques to get some of the numbers working.

He continued: “It is rarely about reducing costs nor is it about increasing turnover beyond the break-even point. These simplistic accounting views are theory only and can get companies into financial difficulties. Most companies calculate their prices with a gross profit margin built in to cover the costs but this seldom works.”

Paul will present ‘Transform your double glazing business from average to fortune’ on each of the three days of the FIT Show.

His is one of many presentations by experts, covering the most vital issues facing the industry throughout the three-day event. All the seminars are free to any registered show visitor.

The FIT Show takes place at The International Centre Telford on the 12th, 13th and 14th of April 2016. Entry is free but avoid the queues by registering early at www.fitshow.co.uk

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