Products that have taken off very well in recent times; composite doors, bi-folding doors, solid roofs and triple glazing. However, not a single one of these have taken off in the way that Brisant’s Ultion high security door cylinder have. I have never seen a single product explode onto the scene in the way that this door cylinder has.

So what is the reason behind the success of this product? These are a few of my own thoughts.

A quality product

In a little over a year, Brisant’s Ultion door cylinder has become the cylinder of choice for many of the industry’s leading fabricators and installers. We have been using the Ultion in our doors as standard for a year now, and we’ve had minimal fuss and it’s not been an issue at all putting the cylinders in our doors. And feedback from home owners has been nothing but positive.

It’s success is down to the quality of the cylinder. It is simply one of the best, if not the best out there. And before the grumblers chime in, this isn’t a sponsored post, merely appreciation and praise where it is due.

No matter how good the marketing and spin is around a product, if it’s crap, it won’t sell, or will get quickly found out if it does. Ultion is certainly not that. With 11 pins, a molybdenum core, self cleaning properties and a buffet of anti-drill pins among a whole list of USPs which puts this cylinder top of the pile. Ultion would also be keen to mention it’s 3-star Diamond Sold Secure rating.

Unrivaled marketing

As many will know, Nick Dutton, one of the powerhouses behind Ultion, also created Door-Stop, and we all know how good their marketing is. Well, the marketing that has been created to promote Ultion is also superb.

The website that has been put together is a work of art. There isn’t another website about door cylinders like it. A site rich in videos, clean graphics, concise information and many arguments as to why Ultion is number one, it’s a powerful way to drive sales.

They have been keen to use social media to their advantage as well, latching on to the widespread support much of the industry has shown it. Social media is a powerful thing, and on more than one occasion I have seen just one tweet explode into an evening-long appreciation of the product. How many other products can claim that level of respect?

Around all this is a range of printed literature to tie in with the whole strategy. All of it combines to make it very easy for installers and fabricators to sell to their respective customers.

It works

It might sounds a tad simple this one, but the fact that it works, and does exactly what it says it will, is a big thing.

We have seen and tested a variety of cylinders at our place over the years, and we have seen some utter garbage in those years. So many that have claimed to be capable of many things, that have then gone on to fail in a matter of seconds.

Naturally, when Brisant came knocking on our door we listened, but also tested. After over 30 minutes we gave up. Obviously we’re not master locksmiths, but our service engineer is gifted, and there was a great amount of effort put in to find a weak spot. The cylinder did exactly what it said it would.

Build quality and reliability in a product gives confidence to the installer and fabricator. When push comes to shove, they’re not just selling a product, but the security to someone’s home. And if that fails, the repercussions for the installer and manufacturer are serious. Perhaps that’s why then Ultion give a £1000 guarantee against burglary via their cylinders.

In the world of cylinder security, the bar has been raised. How long until the rest reach that bar?

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