The composite door has been one of the most revolutionary products our industry has seen in decades. It has transformed what was a dull and underwhelming entrance door market, into one of the strongest performing parts of our sector.

It has opened up the world of colour to home owners. Weird and wonderful new door designs. It has replaced tired old full panel PVCu doors and has very nearly consigned them to the annuls of history. There is no arguing about the power and influence of the composite door.

But how much should they cost?

A question of quality

As with any other product in any other sector, there are varying qualities of composite door. There are some very high quality products out there, aimed at the discerning end of the market. Then there are some very questionable products out there aimed at the value end of the market, but struggle to meet the latest security regulations.

This reflects in the prices. A poor quality door should mean a low price. A high quality door should mean a higher price.

But lets look at a hypothetical situation. A home owner is looking to replace their front door. They have a nice home. They have saved for a period of time to replace their front door, it’s not an endless money pit, but they want something that is going to keep them genuinely secure and a product that is going to stand the test of time. Or at least 20 years. They know they want a composite door and they have a good idea about what they want in terms of style and colour. How much should that composite door be?

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To be clear, there is no right or wrong answer in this debate and poll – and the poll above is asking what the retail price to the home owner should be. It is to simply find out what the industry thinks is the right price for a quality composite door.

The answers will differ depending on the person or company voting. For example, a one man band fitting on his own will probably vote for a lesser figure than a company with staff, a showroom and other overheads to cover.

To get the ball rolling, I don’t mind saying that I have recently signed up a customer for a Solidor composite door for a fraction over £1400. The home owners came to the showroom, they got a full demonstration of the product to see the quality. They were told about our business and how we work. I went and measured up their door, put the quote together and hand delivered it the day after. It was then left down to them to decide if they wanted to go ahead, and the day after they rang to say yes. So I would hope that the perceived level of service and product quality of the composite door was worth it.

For some perspective, £1400 for a composite door is at the higher end of the scale in our neck of the woods. We do regularly sell doors at those prices, and sometimes higher. But customers understand that we are placed at the higher end of the market, and know that although they could find a cheaper door elsewhere, they know what they’re getting is quality.

Down south however, especially in London and the South East, £1400 I am guessing is very much at the low end. You could be looking at double that amount in certain areas. If there are any readers down there that could shed some light on this via the comments section that would be great!

So the price will very depending on geographical location and demographics. But I think the poll will stir some debate about what a fair price is for a composite door.

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