Big progress has been made on my own home improvement project in the last week. If you have been following this mini-series of posts, you can catch up on Part 1 by clicking here, Part 2 by clicking here, and Part 3 by clicking here.

So here’s an update as to the progress of the project, and what is left to be done.

Rubble removed, turf laid

The Indian stone patio is now pretty much finished. Our builder has left some flags up ready for the feet of the Verandah to be installed into once it has been produced and delivered from Prefix:

I think it looks fantastic. I love the colours in the different slabs. It’s also a fair bit bigger than I imagined. It’s difficult to see how big something is when something else is in the way. But it’s given me plenty of space for me to put my outdoor bar in, table, chairs, and enough roof for an outdoor Christmas tree and decorations!

We have also now had turf laid. There was some poorly laid flags there, and I originally preferred to have a better stone product laid back there. However, I was persuaded into turf by my good lady and I have to admit that it does look fantastic. It’s added a lot more colour to what was a predominantly brown looking area.

I was also going to do it myself. I felt like it was something I could attempt and do a half decent job. However, after pricing up the materials needed, and comparing it to the cost of getting a professional to do it, I turned out to be a no brainer. I would rather have someone who knows what they’re doing for a few quid extra than do it myself with mistakes.

Little jobs left

The biggest work is now pretty much done. There is some rubble and a few frames from the old conservatory left to remove, which is getting done on Monday afternoon. I need to get those awful cement blobs off the back wall. Anyone who has any tips for that job please leave in the comments section below!

Then it will be ready for the installation of the Verandah by Prefix. The order has already been placed. I am going for a textured black finish, decorative brackets, slim flared feet and self cleaning neutral glass. It’s just over three metres deep and four metres wide. It’s going to look seriously impressive.

I have decided to go for two wall mounted electric light heaters so we can use it during the colder months. It will save floor space on the patio, I’m fairly sure it will be cheaper to run too. I also have a fire pit. That should help keep the space under the Verandah warm.

So it won’t be long until much of the project is complete. There are some steps and a path that I will ask out builder to re-do in a few weeks time. But for now I want to make sure I get the last few jobs done and out of the way before Christmas.

I have loved seeing the back change so much over the past few weeks. It’s now a place Soph and myself are happy with and looking forward to using.

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