The restructuring at the GGF has taken another step forward as new umbrella group The Helix Group has been formed. The idea here that The Helix Group will act as an umbrella company for all of the GGF’s subsidiary companies. These include:

  • GGFi – home improvement insurance company
  • BFRC – British Fenestration Rating Council
  • RISA – the brand new independent and impartial Inspection and Auditing services to the Fenestration and Construction Industries
  • Helix Training – formerly GGF Training Ltd
  • Borough IT

Apparently, this restructuring will allow the GGF to focus on it’s own priorities and members, whilst the other businesses can focus on their commercial objectives. Here’s what Brian Baker, Chairman of the GF Board has said about the restructuring:

This is positive step by the GGF Board that will allow the subsidiary companies to concentrate solely on their commercial objectives whilst the GGF focuses on continuing the delivery of high level benefits for its Membership.

The one thing that stands out for me is the mention of “commercial objectives”. Before the restructuring of this group, the commentary coming out of these organisations was that profit was no a priority. In fact I have seen the term “not-for-profit” used to describe some of the above businesses in the past. Now though, it appears that the focus has changed and that profit does now appear to be an objective. Something that perhaps has always been, but is only now being a bit more freely talked about.

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What future for the GGF and it’s subsidiaries?

Whether we like it or not, each of the above businesses will have to make producing profits a priority. For me, this has always been the case, but has not always be admitted by the bodies concerned. But I feel like as part of this restructuring, the GGF and others are able to use this as an opportunity to package this new direction together with everything else they’re doing.

The industry has always had mixed feelings (at least I think so) about the GGF and others, but they do still continue to sign on new members. Naturally, they big this news up on social media, claiming “everyone” is joining. I would say steady on people, one or two companies on a regular basis isn’t everyone, when you bear in mind the industry has between 12,000 – 14,000 companies and membership is still only in the mid-hundreds. But, for some companies, there is still a reason to become a member of the GGF and others.

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