How is it that we’re now just hours away from another New Year? It only seems just a short period of time ago where we were trying to figure out what this year had in store for us!

A lot has happened this year. Far too much for us to really comprehend. Political earthquakes here and around the world. A seemingly endless procession of well loved artists from the world of entertainment. Toblerone changed it’s shape. And to top it all off, Ken Dodd has been given a knighthood. It’s been quite a year. 2017 will have to go some to beat these past 12 months.

So, as we head into the unknown and what I am sure will be another crazy year, these are the top ten most read posts on DGB published this year. It’s not a bad list, if I do say so myself!

10. Are Spitfire Doors The Best Aluminium Doors In The UK?

In this post, I left the FIT Show inspired by the range of highly impressive, almost futuristic doors on display by the guys at Spitfire. Incorporating cool door tech, slick door designs and supremely stylish hardware, I explored the idea of these being the best aluminium doors in the UK.

9. Ten Companies Leading The Way In The Fenestration Sector Right Now – Part 2

Not quite sure what happened to part 1, but this was a two part series in which I looked at a number of companies that I believed are leading our sector, at least for the time being. Decent list I thought. While you’re at it, go find part 1 and see why it didn’t make it in this list!

8. How Much Should A Composite Door Cost?

The price of our wares is always the subject for debate at some point or another during the course of a year. So, I opened it up again, and included a nifty poll with it. I know how much you all like a DGB poll.

7. External Condensation Season Is Nearly Upon Us

This one always tends to make this list. It’s a seasonal problem twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn. One that I suspect will be with us until such time as every home owner replaces their tatty old A rated windows with super-improved, quad-glazed anti-condensation windows.

6. 5 Companies To Look Out For In 2016

As it happens, I’m in the middle of writing a similar post for this year. So expect to see that in this list in exactly 12 months time! If you look through that list, I actually managed to nail one or two. I’ll try better this time round.

DGB Tech

5. Horror Zenith Home Owner Video Highlights Dire Need For Profound Industry Change

Don’t really think I need to explain why this made the list. If I do, just click the link above, you’ll find out why.

4. The Enduring Issue Of Trickle Vents

I really only dug this issue back up because I noticed a trickle vent post I wrote years and years ago was still being read and found in search terms. In fact, it’s still one of the most read posts in the history of DGB. So, made sense to bring the subject back up. Low and behold, it reached number 4 in this list. Not bad.

3. Is Four Hours Too Long For A Home Visit?

This I think from memory was the most commented on post throughout 2016. If you have been on the site in the past few months, chances are you’ll have read it. So, while you’re on the toilet scrolling through this list, click the link and find out why it made 3rd place this year.

2. After Cameron’s EU “Deal”, How Would You Vote Now?

Can you remember way back when? When David Cameron used to be Prime Minister and he was trying to negotiate his way out of an EU Referendum he probably now regrets promising? Well, that happened, and this was my post about a last ditch negotiation with other EU leaders before voting began.

1. Can The Business Models Of The Nationals Work In A Modern Fenestration Industry?

Topping the list, my post about the future of the nationals. A subject that seems to engage everyone but the nationals. It also seems to stir up the emotions of those ethically and professionally opposed to the nationals. It didn’t surprise me to see it at the top of this list. Or bottom, if you’ve been scrolling top to bottom.

It’s been a year full of absolutely everything and anything, and certainly gave me plenty to write about, especially from an industry perspective. Thanks to everyone for reading and the support, whether you agreed with me or not! Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

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