The price of our goods is a subject that we always like the chew the cud on, as seen as though we’ve not really done that properly yet, I thought it would be good to end the week pondering what doors should cost. And yes, there’s a poll.

What would you charge for this door?

This is an example of one of our own doors we have fitted in the past few months. It’s a PVCu engineered door by John Fredericks. Don’t bitch about the terminology, it’s what we call it, and we sell plenty.

Here’s the spec before you vote to say how much you would charge for it:

  • cream wood grain
  • 175mm midrail
  • traditional swan style door handle
  • traditional door knocker
  • low aluminium threshold
  • fully steel reinforced
  • Ultion high security door cylinder
  • sandblasted top unit with clear house name

I know how much it cost the home owner, but I won’t say at this point, I want to see what you all think. So, here is the poll with six options. Just click and tell us what you think a door like this should cost. Once the poll has enough votes I’ll do a follow up post to see how the votes compared to the real price.


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DGB Business

The cost of our products is going to be a hot topic this year as our industry comes under greater pressure from price increases further up the supply chain. One of the other main areas to focus on is profit margins.

Whilst costs are going up, companies throughout the supply chain will have to maintain a margin. To do so, they will have to pass those price increases on down the supply chain. Eventually, those increased prices will have to reach home owner level at some point. The longer we all hold on to price increases, the more our margins are eroded. And I’m fairly certain we’re not in business to break even.

There is a balance to find though. We pile on the price increases to home owners and you can pretty quickly kill off the sales. Inflation is rising wage growth is stagnant and you can trust the media to hype up the risks as Brexit begins next week and the negotiations start. Balance is trying to pass on what we can to the home owner without damaging demand, but whilst maintaining our own profit margins. It won’t be easy. But as I have mentioned in the past, when products are sold on their quality and not on price, you can often command better prices for your products anyway.

So how much would you charge a home owner for the door above? Vote, and you can of course leave your comments in the section below and help get the debate going.

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