There’s a new door handle product that has just been launched into the market. You seen it yet? It’s called Lock Lock and it’s by Brisant, the makers of the wildly popular Ultion high security door cylinder.

Brisant, headed up by Nick Dutton and Stephen Stewart, oversaw the massive success of the Ultion door cylinder, which even now continues to grow at rapid pace. So, what exactly is this door handle, and will it be able to match the growth of the Ultion door cylinder?

What is Lock Lock?

Well it’s a handle for a start, but there is a lock inside that rather smart looking casing. Here is one of their videos to explain what it is and how it works:

They say that the best ideas are the simplest ones. Not sure who “they” are, but they’re right, and the workings of Lock Lock are very simple. The simple flick of an internal switch after the handle has been lifted renders the spindle fixed in place. So no matter what happens to the cylinder, the home owner is still protected. Easy.

The start of that video also made a valid point. Each time lock makers improve the design of their cylinders, burglars do eventually find a way to break through them anyway. That’s always been the pattern, and even the current crop of very high security cylinders I am sure will end up being circumnavigated by burglars at some point in the future. So it would be logical to look at other methods to keep a door secure. Hence, Lock Lock has been invented to do just that. To provide resistance at the handle level.

It looks very slick too, and comes in 5 different finishes:

Credit: Brisant/Lock Lock

The cylinder-free options also interest me. This handle looks at it’s best when it’s not interrupted by routing holes for door cylinders. Although right now we don’t sell many handles without cylinder holes in them, this product might be the one to change that. It wouldn’t surprise me if I read in a years time that the cylinder-free type Lock Lock handles were one of the highest selling options.

On the quality front, the video above showed a very well reinforced spine to this handle. I have actually held a sample of this in my hand and I can vouch for the product and say that it really does feel very substantial in the hand. The reinforcing is far better than a lot of other handles out there, and the rounded shape feels good and looks good. Incidentally, the round shape stops gripping tools to grab the handle. So, useful and stylish at the same time.

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Routes to success

If Brisant want Lock Lock to take off in the same way as their Ultion door cylinder did, then they are going to have to hit fabricators hard. One of the best facets of their Ultion campaign was that it was taken on by fabricators and indeed installers very quickly. I remember being Solidor being one of the first major fabricators to take on the Ultion as an optional upgrade, and then moving to the product as standard. From there, other fabricators followed and installers did too. Ultion caught fire from that point forward and has not looked back since.

For Lock Lock, Brisant will need to grab that same attention from fabricators and then installers in the same way. Already though, Solidor have come out with this announcement on Twitter:

A big vote of confidence from Solidor in the product. It looks like it will appear on their cloud pricing software as an optional extra upgrade. But if sales of it do well I won’t be surprised to see it become a standard offering before too long.

Where one company goes others tend to follow suit. I don’t think it will be long before other fabricators are signing on to supply Lock Lock as either an optional extra upgrade or to make it their standard offering to installers.

Brisant have also said that installers will be able to buy Lock Lock directly from them soon. As you can with their Ultion door cylinder.

Quality, reliability and an attractive price point will be key to Lock Lock becoming as successful as Ultion is. Looking at their reinforcing and the plating which is designed to combat tarnishing, build quality shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully the industry will be able to have a handle that won’t pit within five minutes of installation! I’ve also seen the prices at which these are likely to be sold at, trust me, pricing isn’t going to be an issue.

The background, knowledge and experience of Nick and Stephen should mean that this is a product that is nailed on for success. After being lucky enough to see this product for myself, I have no doubts that Lock Lock is going to change how we look at door security in general. I also have no doubt that whatever stock levels Brisant have already got, they’re probably going to need more.

Lock Lock is going to be available to see at the FIT Show so I am told, so you’ll all be able to take a closer look at this new type of handle, how it works and whether your company should be offering this product to home owners. You can find out more about Lock Lock here too:

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